Dystophonia @ Piksel 10 (Norway)


Cities lie and die. Buildings are built, destroyed and rebuilt, like respiration. People are stacked up in layers, living their lives on top of each other, in their own office or apartment. Living or working in a space that is being constantly torn apart and reconfigured has an intense impact on one's psyche. The dust and noise are so habitual that it becomes hard to imagine life without them.

In Dystophonia, two musicians, artists and developers offer you an experience with noise and light. Their live sampling of music involves atonal clusters, dissonant runs and contrary movement. The images are sampled with Toonloop and the sounds with Sooperlooper.

Toonloop is a live stop-motion animation system created by artist and developer Alexandre Quessy. It consists of a free software suite for video performance which shows the audience the creation process as well as the results. The Toonloop project has benefited from the support of the Society for Arts and Technology and the Université du Québec à Montréal.

Dystophonia on Piksel.no