Toonloop 2.0

I'm happy to announce the release of Toonloop 2.0.0. I finally decided to freeze the current interface of Toonloop, since I will need to use it a lot in the next few weeks. I should then stop developing it, and call it "stable". I was also much sure about my choices. Using GStreamer and Clutter in C++ are pretty safe choices for a live animation software.

This release is the first release of the 2.0 series! After eight months of development, Toonloop 2.0 is finally ready be released. A stable release means that the command-line options and the interactive keyboard controls should not change much for all tags with 2.0 as major-minor numbers. Some new features might be developped in that branch, but each release should be backward-compatible with their ancestor. The next unstable development branch is 2.1. The next stable series is 2.2.

Ubuntu GNU/Linux users can get it from my Toonloop PPA:

A Debian package should be available for Debian Sid in not so long.

You can get the tarball from or check out the Git repository from

Have fun making live animation movies. :) More info: