Code pre-2007

Voici quelques vieux bouts de code, librairies et patches Pure Data. Mes projets actuels se trouvent maintenant ailleurs. Voir aussi la page de liens.

These are old pieces of code, libraries or Pure Data patches. My current projects are located somewhere else. See the links page.


Here is a Python library to communicate between Blender and Pure Data using the FUDI protocol. fudi module (fudi4blender) v 0.1


Realtime stop motion performance tool. See the page dedicated to ToonLoop for more informations.


This is currently where I put all my abstractions. There are is a lot to discover in this library !

x11 objects and other externals

These are objects for Pure Data. With x11mouse and x11key, you can control your mouse and keyboard under Linux. Therefore, you could control with Pd some applications that would not be normally scriptable !

[x11mouse] generates a X11 mouse event
[x11key] generates a X11 keyboard event
[xmms] controls the X Multimedia System
[pcre] matches a symbol against a Perl compatible regular expression. Still needs symbol as a selector for arguments.

Download : aalex-0.1.tar.gz (~22 kib)


A simple pd abstraction to get the median of the n previous numbers in a stream of floats. It is useful for discarding irrealistic values you get from an input sensor.


Update : This is now in the Pure Data CVS repository under externals/mapping/median_n.pd

Yet another sequencer

An interface to qlist. It allows you to record flexible timed events.
ya-seq-0.2.tar.gz (new version on 2006-12-12)

Update : This is now the [seq.qtrack] abstraction in the PdMtlAbstractions library.

Note that we used that one to record the MIDI notes for the Rotarian Choir. It is quite powerful.


An other pd abstraction to manage states for an installation or any automata using weighted random.


Update : This is now the [random.markov.chain] absrtaction in the PdMtlAbstractions library.

Pure Data tablature editor/player

guitar tab player

An audio preview : tab-snap.ogg
Download the file : guitartab-0.3.tar.gz

The PEAR::Audio_PureData library for PHP

A set of PHP classes to communicate between PHP and Pure Data.

Creates message handlers for Pure Data or Max/MSP. Creates a Socket server and client to send and receive TCP messages. The commands are passed as FUDI lists which selectors define the callback function in your class. This is actually a framework for creating PHP applications started from the command line which provide an interface to dataflow languages like Pure Data. It can also be used only to simply send data to Pure Data from a PHP script. This is intended to be installed as a PEAR package using the pear command line tool.

To install it : sudo pear install

If you do not have PEAR installed, see to install it easily.

See the project page on

The PHP doc automagic documentation